Home in winter with landscape lighting

4 Benefits of Having Landscape Lighting in the Winter

With winter quickly approaching, many homeowners are preparing for the colder months ahead. In addition to stocking up on essentials like blankets and firewood, some people also add landscape lighting to their list of things to prepare for the winter season. Why? Well, there are a number of benefits that come with installing landscape lighting on your property.

1. Safety

Landscape lighting offers safety in the winter months by illuminating areas around your home, helping you to see what’s ahead of you. If you’re heading out at night for a walk or drive, it can be hard to navigate when there is no light on the path. This is especially true if snow has fallen and the ground is slippery. The use of strategically placed outdoor lights will not only make it easier to see but also improve overall safety for you and your family, along with pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers alike.

2. Accentuating Your Property

While natural light may be scarce in winter months, your landscaping will still stand out when it’s accented by some warm and beautiful lighting! From dusk to dawn, landscape lighting sets off your yard’s beauty and enhances winter curb appeal.

3. Prevents Wildlife Damage

Landscape lighting will help deter wildlife from coming onto your property when they are looking for food or shelter. This can prevent unwanted animal encounters that could cause harm to your lawn, foliage or garden.

4. Security

The use of strategically placed outdoor lights will not only make it easier to see but will also allow for extra security for your home. It’s one of the best ways to combat trespassing and prevent any theft. With the right lighting, you can eliminate dark spots around your home where intruders may hide in and create the impression of someone always being home.

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