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Summer Rain’s licensed lighting professionals will design and install stunning and unique lighting solutions to highlight your landscape and architecture. Want to show off your prized rose bushes? Entice your guests into your gazebo? All our work is guaranteed and uses the highest quality fixtures. We provide timely installations, worry-free maintenance services, as well as repairs and system upgrades. Our professionals offer complimentary consultations to survey all aspects of a property and are committed to meeting your goals and budget.

Landscape Lighting
Our Lighting Services Include:

Landscape Lighting Design and Installation

  • Lighting Automation
  • Floodlights
  • LED Replacements
  • Repairs

Existing Lighting Systems Enhancements

  • Deck & Patio Lighting
  • Path Lights
  • Poolside Lighting
  • And more



Is all lighting design work done in-house?

Yes, we work closely with property owners. We listen to and incorporate their vision – adding our suggestions and design ideas – and develop a plan to deliver an amazing result.

Are your design consultations free of charge?


What type of lighting systems do you install?

Most of our lighting systems are low voltage LED. The fixtures will be guaranteed for life and LED bulbs for four years. We can accommodate for high voltage where needed.

Do you need an exterior outlet to power your lighting systems?

No, finding an exterior outlet has its limitations. Using an existing outlet increases the chances of overloading that circuit and can provide control challenges. With licensed electricians on staff, we pull a new circuit of power from an electrical panel. This puts the lighting system on its own circuit and allows us to operate the system in the most user-friendly way. This can be via digital timers or a Lutron lighting control system.

I already have a lighting system; how does your maintenance program work?

We have dedicated lighting maintenance service teams to get an old system up and running or keep an existing system operating to its fullest potential. The lighting maintenance program includes cleaning and straightening of fixtures, checking bulbs and replacing with LED. If we can, we will also make any repairs to damaged fixtures. If fixtures are damaged beyond repair, we will note the model information and follow up with a replacement cost estimate. In addition, we will inspect the underground wiring and check to ensure that timers and switches are working correctly.

Our Lighting Expert

Bill Foscato
Bill Foscato

Landscape Lighting Manager

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