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Summer Rain provides full-service residential and commercial irrigation services to properties throughout Fairfield and Westchester counties. We understand the importance of selecting an expert provider – with a proven record of reliability and trustworthiness – who will educate you on every step of the process. Operating in your neighborhood for close to 40 years, Summer Rain is here to meet any of your irrigation needs.

New Installations

A successful irrigation project begins with optimal design, and Summer Rain takes pride in the range of water-efficient systems offered. We thoughtfully consult with every customer to recommend the ideal system for the total enjoyment and beautification of your property. Upon deciding on the equipment and layout, our team of experienced installers will get everything up and running safely and with minimal disruption. Finally, we will walk you through the operation of the timers, step by step, so that you can use your new system to its fullest.

System Redesigns

If your existing irrigation system is old, damaged or inefficient, the Summer Rain team can help. Depending upon your goals for your sprinkler system, we will analyze the problem and offer solutions including equipment upgrades and layout redesigns, as well as installation and maintenance plans.

Maintenance and Repair

With proper care, your sprinklers can last a lifetime. We offer (and encourage) regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure your system is in tip-top shape – ready for every season and minimizing the need for unanticipated repairs. Of course, should the unexpected occur, our team is always available for emergency service.

Spring Opening

Cold weather can be tough on irrigation systems. Doing a spring checkup can help prevent many problems that may have occurred over the winter from getting worse. We will prepare your irrigation system so it is ready for your warm weather watering needs.


Proper drainage of your system before the arrival of cold weather is critical! Leftover water in the pipes can freeze and burst the pipes, requiring costly repair. Call on Summer Rain to ensure your system is dry and protected from winter damage.



What is the benefit of having an irrigation system?

An automatic irrigation system takes care of everything for you and is the perfect solution for today’s active lifestyle. You can stop being concerned about manually providing consistent and adequate lawn and bed watering. Save yourself the time and worry.

Additionally, a lawn sprinkler system protects the investment you have made in your home and your landscaping. It increases the property value of your home should you ever choose to sell it.

I’m concerned about water conservation. Does an irrigation system waste water?

Water conservation is at the top of our list of concerns when custom-designing an irrigation system. Our irrigation experts are among the best in the industry, fully trained in landscape irrigation and have an in-depth understanding of irrigation as it relates to water conservation. Your system will be designed to provide consistent, adequate and efficient watering to all your property without over-watering. Your watering schedule will be planned to minimize waste caused by runoff, wind drift and evaporation. By providing consistent hydration, long, extensive watering sessions are not necessary as is often the case with manual lawn watering. Should water rationing be posted for your area, or if you have a particularly wet week or month, you can easily adjust the controller to account for these changes.

What qualifications should I look for in an irrigation system company?

First and foremost, any irrigation system company you work with should be licensed by the state in which you live. Lawn sprinkler systems are directly connected to the water supply (municipal or your own) and must meet certain local codes. Be sure the company you select is fully insured for liability and workers’ compensation, and can provide you with an insurance certificate upon request. You may also want to inquire about association memberships such as the Irrigation Association, a local Irrigation Contractors’ Association, or training at a certified irrigation institution. In addition, you will also want to make sure the company you are considering provides the following:

  • Licensed plumbing services, including installation of the proper backflow device when connecting the system to the main water supply
  • Quality, long-lasting components with a written warranty
  • On-going maintenance at specified intervals, including the non-watering or off-peak seasons
  • Prompt customer service with live dispatch during an emergency
  • Positive testimonials and references as well as an established list of satisfied customers

The staff at Summer Rain Sprinkler Systems is completely licensed and trained, and Summer Rain carries full insurance coverage. In addition, we hold memberships in the Irrigation Association and the Connecticut Irrigation Contractors Association.

How can I be sure I’m getting a quality system?

At Summer Rain Sprinkler Systems, we use only quality, durable components from a select group of reputable manufacturers and suppliers who we know will stand behind their products. Through more than 30 years of developing relationships with our suppliers, understanding their capabilities and seeing “reputations in action,” we’ve aligned ourselves with those select manufacturers we consider to be among the best.

Another part of the equation is a customized design. Your system will be designed to distribute the appropriate amount of water where and when it’s needed throughout your property. With an installation performed by fully trained technicians, and with ongoing service and maintenance, you can be confident you’re purchasing a first-rate, quality system that will operate smoothly year after year.

Will an irrigation system work for my property?

Yes. When designing a system, Summer Rain takes into account such factors as changes in terrain elevations, sunny and shaded areas, the current landscape and changes planned for the future. By considering these factors, we’re able to determine:

  • Sprinkler head placement
  • Type of sprinkler head
  • The best watering schedule
  • Length of watering times
  • Where to place the controller
  • Location of remote control valves

… all while still meeting your local zoning requirements.

How much should I expect to pay for a custom irrigation system?

The price of a custom sprinkler system and its installation will vary by property size and extent of coverage desired. Differences in component features and unique design or installation requirements will also play a role in the overall price. After an estimate has been prepared, we’ll explain it fully, pointing out which components are necessary and which are optional or flexible so you can make an informed decision.

Will my system have a warranty? What about service and maintenance?

Every installation is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Your Summer Rain sales representative can advise you about applicable warranties. In addition, to keep your system in top condition, we provide interval maintenance and emergency service.

What about my existing landscape? Will it be damaged or altered during the installation?

While we install your system, the project area will be disrupted for a limited amount of time, but when we are done you will never know we were there. If a system is being installed into a new property, not fully landscaped, we will work closely with your landscaper to complete an installation in conjunction with or prior to landscaping. If the system is being installed into an existing and established property, we will design a system that will not require moving of plants, shrubs or trees. Only minor, hand excavation may be required.

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