Colorful maple leaves

4 Things to Do with Fall Leaves

Pile them up, jump in them, but don’t rake them up to the curb when you’re done. Leaves have many other purposes in your yard and garden. Check out these four fun ideas.


Leaves are the perfect ingredient for your compost pile. Later them between all the garden debris from your fall maintenance to prepare it for the winter. They will decompose even faster if you shred them first. You can also save any leftover leaves for your spring compost pile.

Leaf Mold

Leaf mold may sound bad, but it’s great for your garden soil! While it may not add too many nutrients to your soil, it will improve the structure and water holding ability.


Mulch suppresses weeds and eventually decomposes — feeding the soil. Add your leaves to your mulch by shredding them first. A thick layer of wet, shredded leaves will form a solid mat and block water and air from getting through the soil.


Fall leaves are beautiful when they are on the trees, but they are even more beautiful to decorate with. You can find a ton of crafts online if you need some inspiration.

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