5 Holiday Safety Tips For Your Family

With the Holidays around the corner, it is important to remind your family of safety. During the Holidays, we are more likely to get distracted with family coming into town, kids off from school and food preparation. Combined with lighting and decorations, it can be a recipe for disaster.

Here are five ways you can help ensure that your family is safe this season:

  1. Clear up the clutter. The more loose objects there are laying around, the more likely something can catch fire or trip a relative.
  2. Keep it fresh. If you are purchasing a Christmas tree this season, purchase a fresh one and be sure to continue watering it. Fresh, watered trees are less likely to catch fire.
  3. Electrical safety. Do not connect a multi-plug extension cord to another one as it can cause your fuse to blow or an electrical fire to spark.
  4. Lights. Be sure to turn off your lights when you leave the home or are going to sleep to avoid a surge.
  5. Alarms. Be sure to check all smoke detectors to ensure they are working as well as your home alarm.

Going over these simple tips with your family can save you some grief this Holiday season. Have a great season!