5 Tips to Prepare Your Lawn Sprinkler System For The Fall

Fall is here! This means pumpkin-flavored everything and of course, seasonal lawn sprinkler maintenance. Here are a few tips to ensure that your system is healthy and won’t give you problems in the spring:

Back Flow Checkup:

If your sprinkler system is automatic, it is important to have your backflow connection checked annually. Contact your water provider if you are due for a checkup.

Check Sprinkler System Function:

You may have been busy during the summer to notice any issues, so now is a good time to walk around your lawn and make sure that your system is functioning properly. Take note if the sprinkler is watering the sidewalk or if there is a possible leak, indicated by a pool or damp spot on the lawn.


Winterization is extremely important in order to ensure that your sprinkler system is safe throughout the season. Our trained experts can help ensure that this process is completed correctly, potentially saving you a lot in repairs.

Rain Sensor:

If you don’t already have one, this tool can help you save money and water. The sensor shuts off the sprinkler once a preset amount of rain has been reached.

Clear Debris:

To prevent overflow, clear debris from your gutters.

Please contact us to schedule seasonal maintenance at 203-629-8050.