Backyard with lights on in swimming pool

Answers To Your Top Landscape Lighting Questions

Are you trying to give your property a new look? Sometimes gardening just isn’t enough. One way to create a stunning landscape — illuminating your yard with landscape lighting!

Where do I begin, and what can I do?

When thinking about how to design exterior landscape lighting, the first thing to know — less is always more. If every area of your yard is highlighted, nothing stands out and nothing is special. Consider what features of your yard you want to show off, and begin your search for a professional who can help bring your dreams to a reality.

How much light do I need to create a pleasant outdoor atmosphere?

At night, your eyes are already adjusted to the dark; so remember, a little goes a long way! If you have a favorite reading area, considering putting a spot in a tree or above in a pergola (to direct the light down and over your shoulder). For outdoor dining, place the light around the cooking area, the rest of the space should have low lighting in order to get the casual and relaxed feel.

What is color temperature?

Light quality is just as important as light quantity, so make sure to discuss the color temperature of your fixtures with your chosen landscape contractor. Color temperatures 3500K (Kelvin) are generally considered to be a cooler temperature (blue tones). Temperatures 3000K and below are considered warmer (amber tones). When it comes to outdoor lighting, it’s best to stay away from cooler temperatures. The bluish tones can make your yard appear unnatural.

*You should be able to find the color temperature for a light bulb on its packing.

What is layered lighting, and is it important for my outdoor space?

Layered lighting is when you add lighting in high and low areas around your yard to create more dimension, emotion, and beauty to your space. Layered lighting can also help you control the ambiance in different spots in your yard. For instance, maybe your patio will have different lighting levels compared to your pathway lighting. In the end, layered lighting allows you to be a lot more creative with your design.

Are dimmers or other controls useful outdoors?
Dimmers and other controls are great for the outdoors because they allow you to change the feel and mood of a space. Consider which areas you want to control — this will help you decide which lighting fixtures work best.

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