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Beautify Your Garden with These Flower Watering Tips

Flowers are beautiful but delicate and must be handled carefully if you want them to live as long as possible. When it comes to watering your flowers, don’t just aim the hose at the dirt and expect the water to soak into the soil and get to the roots of your plants, especially if you have large flower beds with multiple varieties of flowers. 

Here are some watering tips to help keep your garden healthy all summer.

Benefits of Regularly Watering Plants

Water is essential for a plant’s survival! It helps them to grow and produce food for themselves. In addition, watering plants regularly can help to keep them looking their best. Plants and flowers require more water in the summer months when they are transpiring (producing water vapor) at a higher rate.

How Much Water Should You Give Plants?

To avoid over-watering your flowers, water deeply and infrequently once every five days or so. To know if you need to add additional water after the initial deep soak, simply place your finger into the soil about an inch below the surface. If it feels dry to your touch, then it’s time for another deep watering session.

Do Certain Flowers Need More Care?

Yes, some flowers are more delicate than others and require a little more care. Watering your flowers in the morning or evening will help reduce evaporation and keep your plants hydrated. You can also add mulch around flowers that need a little assistance retaining moisture in the soil! 

Just keep an eye on which ones are struggling, and do your research before investing in flora that you aren’t too familiar with. 

Benefits of Sprinkler Systems

Automatic sprinkler systems make it easy to keep your garden healthy and hydrated, especially during the hot summer months. They can help you save time and money by using less water than hand-watering. Plus, they can provide a more even water distribution to your plants, promoting better overall health. 

If you are looking for ways to make your gardening experience easier for the rest of this season, consider an automatic sprinkler system! A successful irrigation project begins with optimal design, and Summer Rain takes pride in the range of water-efficient systems offered. 

Invest in a Professional Irrigation System

For more information on protecting, improving and enhancing your lawn, contact us at Summer Rain Sprinklers. We’re happy to help you find a solution that fits your unique home and budget, from irrigation systems to landscape lighting and emergency servicing.