landscape lighting in summer

Benefits of Landscape Lighting in Summer

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy all that your property has to offer. Whether you’re hosting a barbecue, entertaining guests or just relaxing on the porch, outdoor lighting can help create the right atmosphere for any occasion. You can enjoy nighttime activities after dark with ease.
Landscape lighting has something for everyone; here are just a few of the benefits!


Landscape lighting provides safety and security at night by illuminating walkways and stairs leading to your front door and other home entrances. Some fixtures use built-in motion sensors that will turn on at night when someone approaches the property or leaves your home. These can help keep intruders away and provide guidance for those coming and going after the sun sets!

Looks Great

Landscaping lights create a magical atmosphere, some with low-wattage bulbs, that can make even an ordinary backyard look fabulous in the warm evenings or during twilight hours. Some homeowners choose outdoor landscape lighting to brighten up shady areas or provide mood lighting for spots lacking in decoration during the day.

Allows For More Outdoor Time

If you’re looking for something to do on a hot summer evening, installing outdoor lights will allow you to enjoy sitting outside later into the night without having to worry about bugs coming near your face or getting an unwanted sunburn! The proper lighting will also create a warm ambience perfect for entertaining guests outside or just relaxing on the patio with your family after dinner.

With these benefits and many more, landscape lighting installation is the perfect choice for homeowners this summer! And luckily, we here at Summer Rain are ready and able to help. Our professionals offer free consultations to survey all aspects of a property and are committed to meeting your goals and budget.

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