tips for lawn care during cold weather

Cold Weather Lawn Tips

The winter winds are starting to head our way, and though it might help inspire that holiday feeling, it could mean a whole other situation for your lawn. You might be swapping out your lawnmower for your snowblower now, but you still want to keep your green and luscious lawn’s health in mind. These colder day maintenance tips can ensure you do just that.

Keep it Clean

Leaves, broken tree limbs, ice and snow may all be falling on your lawn sometime soon. Though it might not be a weekly or biweekly job, it’s still important to plan time to clean your yard when possible. Leaving these items right where they land can not only leave you with dead spots, it may also pose a safety hazard. So, be mindful of keeping your lawn clean throughout the winter season.

Don’t Forget to Aerate

Your lawn is always preparing for the next season ahead. As winter approaches, your grass is taking the time to develop its roots, making it essential to aerate before the ground is frozen. Doing so will only promote root growth, allow your lawn to breathe, and reduce thatch build-up, which makes it less susceptible to disease.

Avoid Possible Salt Damage

Many homeowners rely on salt and deicer through the brutal winter months. While these products can be beneficial to your driveway and walkways, they may damage your lawn and lead to bare spots if you aren’t careful about where it’s landing. To minimize damage to the lawn you spent all summer and fall keeping healthy, avoid walking on the pavement and then to your grass, and be watchful of where you sprinkle the salt.

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