House decorated for Christmas

Designing Your Outdoor Lighting For The Holidays

Whether you are decorating your home for the first time or are simply looking for a change, remember that “less is more”. Understandably, if you have children or are a kid at heart, you may go a little beyond the simplistic look and add a snowman or two, but the following tips will get you started.

Start with the entrance.

The door is the literal gateway to your home as well as the essential design starting point. It should look inviting, while not overbearing. If you have rails on your steps, it is customary and charming to wrap lit garlands on the guardrails of the stairs or balconies, and place a wreath on the door. In some cases, you may be able to put the wreath above the door. While some prefer their wreaths lit, depending on the house, a small unlit wreath can add a more natural look.

Accenting the home’s best features.

Designing Your Outdoor Lighting For The Holidays

Putting string lights under the lip of the roof can create a great outline, which lights up the rest of the home quite well. This is where “less is more” can be used quite effectively and help you save on the energy bill. Putting up these types of lights should be left to a professional as it can be dangerous if done improperly.

The windows can also be accented to create a peaceful look. Some choose to do so with electrical candles on the inside, which can serve the dual purpose of creating a pleasant atmosphere in the home. If you opt out of lighting up the windows, you risk giving your home an almost-spooky look at night.

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