5 landscaping tips you need

Guide: Landscaping 101 for Homeowners

Keeping your yard clean and beautiful can sometimes be a challenging task. You may have a lot of questions on how to keep your lawn and garden looking colorful and healthy all year round. We have the answers.

Common Questions about your Yard

  1. How can I permanently get rid of weeds?

  2. Good news: You’ll only need two things — newspaper and some mulch. Rip long strips of the newspaper, place them in your soil around the weeds, and cover them with mulch.

    This helps block moisture from reaching the weeds, providing more nutrients to the surrounding plants that need it the most!

  3. How often should I mow my lawn?

  4. That depends on where you live, but longer grass requires less water since its already shaded. Also, many professionals suggest not to rake or blow any clippings because this can add nutrients to your grass and soil.

  5. How can I stop pests from eating my plants?

  6. We know the first thought is to spray pesticides to keep the pests away, but we advise against that. Pesticides can harm your plants and the environment! Try some natural solutions instead, like tossing eggshells in your garden or sprinkling cayenne pepper on the soil.

  7. What kind of soil should I use?

  8. The kind of soil you use depends on the plants. Sometimes, simply digging up dirt and placing a plant in the ground will do the trick, but other plants won’t survive off of natural soil. When you’re buying your plants, ask a professional in the store what kind of soil you need.

  9. What is the difference between drip irrigation and sprinkler systems?

  10. You may have seen a drip irrigation system before and not realized it. It’s the tubes you see in the soil that have small holes all over. This helps ensure the water is closer to the roots and will water the garden efficiently. Sprinkler systems spray water into the air, so its great for a lawn, but not to help water plants or flowers.

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