History of the Lawn Sprinkler System

The “lawn” as we know it, enjoyed by families for recreational purposes, was first relished by the wealthy of Europe in the 18th century. As lawns became more popular, it became necessary to provide water to areas where rain could not maintain them.

Who Invented the Lawn Sprinkler?

The first lawn sprinkler US patent was registered to J. Lessler of Buffalo, New York (#121949) in 1871, which was activated with the help of gardening hose. Sprinklers helped both homeowners and farmers alike, keeping both front lawns and fields of crops green and healthy. In 1932, a fruit farmer, Orton Englehardt, invented the impact sprinkler. This large sprinkler distributes an even amount of water over a wide area. This provided crops with a close imitation of rain, thereby revolutionizing agriculture itself. In the twentieth century, the rotating sprinkler heads were made out of aluminum tubing, plastic, rubber and watered lawns across America. These sprinklers had adjustable oscillating heads with a metal arm that sprayed out water in an adjustable fan shape to an area up to 600 square feet (55.7 sq. meters).

The Lawn Sprinkler – Present Day

The lawn sprinkler is just as popular today as it was back then – the only difference being we have access to greater technology! As the awareness of water conservation grows, water efficient technology is being implemented and more customers are concerned with creating water-efficient layouts for their lawn sprinklers. This in turn minimizes the amount of water wasted and maximizes sprinkler effectiveness.

Summer Rain Sprinklers understands that water conservation on a global scale starts in your backyard. We use water efficient systems and our design team is well educated in how to properly design your lawn sprinkler layout so that you save water and save money. After all, your sidewalk doesn’t need watering! For more information on how we can help your lawn reach it’s full potential, contact us today!