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Host The Perfect Backyard Party With Landscape Lighting

We think we’re all due for a backyard party (or two) after this harsh winter — don’t you? There’s one month until the first unofficial celebration of the season — Memorial day — have you prepped your backyard yet? Besides cleaning off your patio, setting up your furniture, and prepping your barbeque, landscape lighting is a must

Landscape Lighting Tips

  1. Add Pendant Lighting To Your Barbeque

  2. Pendant lighting is trending this summer. It showcases your unique style and personality and it’s easy to install!

    It’s best when placed above seating and eating areas on your deck, patio, and gazebos, too.

  3. Use Outdoor Post Mounts For Your Pathway

  4. What’s a pathway without lighting to help guide the way? Some backyards use tiki torches or mason jar lights, but a more permanent solution is to add post mount lighting. Post mounts come in a large variety of designs and sizes and will give your pathway, and surrounding landscape, that final touch you were looking for.

    Place post mounts around the outer edges of your deck, pool, or stone pathways in the front, back, and sides of your home.

  5. Place Portable Lamps Around Your Patio

  6. When the sun goes down, portable lighting is your best friend. No matter where you are in your backyard, portable lamps can follow, giving you added comfort.

Portable lamps work great for backyard tents, patios, decks, and tree houses.

For five more landscape lights to add to your backyard, check out our blog: Lighting Up Your Backyard for Summer

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