Sprinkler head watering front yard of house

How To Efficiently Water Your Lawn

Many mistakenly believe that beautiful gardens and lawns are only possible through extensive watering. This may be why Americans consume 58,000 gallons of water each year for their landscape. But, since Connecticut has been going through one of the state’s longest-running droughts on record, there’s no better time than the present to nip that bad habit in the bud.

Water Conservation Tips:

  • Choose native plants. When choosing plants to add to your garden, stick to native plants — they fit more naturally into the environment.
  • Add plenty of mulch. Natural mulch helps keep water from evaporating on a hot, summer day.
  • Set up properly. Set your sprinklers to water the lawn or garden only — not the street or sidewalk!
  • Make a schedule. The same water schedule rarely applies to all zones. You should take into account the type of sprinkler, sun or shade exposure, and soil type for that area.
  • Look for a label. WaterSense labeled irrigation controllers use local weather data to water only when needed.

Get the most out of your irrigation system by consulting a professional. The team at Summer Rain can help design, install, maintain, and audit your system — we will ensure that you are always using the proper amount of water to maintain a healthy landscape.

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