Portrait of beautiful Golden Retriever in the city park

How to Keep Your Lawn Looking Good if You Have Dogs

Helpful Lawn Care Tips for Dog Owners

Having a dog is a great thing. They’re loyal, love you unconditionally, and are happy to see you when you come home from work every day. However, having a dog can make it hard to maintain your yard properly. 

A well-kept lawn is the crowning glory of any home. Unfortunately, some homeowners can’t keep their property looking good because they have dogs that love to dig in it and cause all sorts of damage. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to protect your turf without making your dog feel too cooped up or frustrated with you for trying to curb their natural instincts.

Clean Up After Them

Naturally, when your dog “goes,” they will go in your yard, which can create patches. However, there is a simple solution: cleaning up after your dog! The more you generously flush out urine spots with water, the less damage it will cause. Utilize a hose or watering can and wash over their favorite places. Also, consider the removal of feces. Though not as damaging as urine, it can still greatly help maintain your lawn’s appearance. 

Safe Diet Changes

Some dog foods contain more water or help dogs stay more hydrated. With more diluted urine, less damage will be done to your yard. Reach out to your veterinarian to see if they recommend any effective and safe changes to your puppy’s diet!  

Repair Any Damage

Often in the spring and summertime, turf grasses that spread by runners and rhizomes are capable of repairing mild lawn damage by themselves. However, there are some cases where wear is too severe, and your yard will need an extra hand. 

The best action plan is to reseed or resod once warmer weather hits! You’ll find that affected areas grow back beautifully with this trick. 

Proper Lawn Care

To keep your lawn looking good, even if you’ve got a furry friend running around, you need to provide proper care. Utilize pet-friendly fertilizer to promote healthy growth and mow high so that slightly taller grass can help hide discolored patches. And, of course, the most important aspect of lawn care is keeping it properly watered! 

An automatic irrigation system takes care of everything for you and is the perfect solution for today’s active lifestyle. You can stop being concerned about providing consistent and adequate lawn and bed watering manually. Save yourself time and worry. 

Invest in a Professional Irrigation System

For more information on protecting, improving and enhancing your lawn, contact us at Summer Rain Sprinklers. We’re happy to help you find a solution that fits your unique home and budget, from irrigation systems to electrical repair and emergency servicing.