Beautiful garden, lawn with green grass

How to Prepare Your Lawn and Garden for Spring

Spring is the season of growth and renewal! It’s an excellent time to start paying attention to the health of your lawn or garden and figuring out what they need after months of dealing with harsh winter conditions. It takes some preparation and time but, soon enough, your yard will be flourishing. Here’s everything you need to start preparing your lawn and garden for springtime.


After months of neglect, you’ll need to do some extra spring cleaning on your lawn. Break out your tools and clean up any leaves, twigs and debris that built up over winter. This residue can block fertilizer or seeds from going into the ground, and it can clog your lawnmower. Invest in rakes, air blowers and more to start fresh with your lawn and garden care.

Use Fertilizer and Mulch

To keep your garden productive and well maintained, fertilizer and mulch will come in handy. They hold the nutrients your soil needs to keep your vegetation thriving! However, there is a difference between the two:
Fertilizer: Used to enhance your plants’ growth, fertilizer can be either natural or chemical.
Mulch: To prevent weeds from growing, spread this organic material in your gardens and around your plants.

Mow Early and Often

Did you know it’s not good for your lawn if you mow it only once every few weeks? The taller you let the grass grow, the more it can stunt the roots and affect your lawn’s overall health and beauty. It’s suggested that you mow your lawn at least every four days for the first few weeks in spring to ensure everything thrives.

Irrigation Maintenance or Repair

With proper maintenance and care, you can make sure your sprinkler system is ready to go. Winter may have taken a toll on your irrigation system, so a spring checkup is vital before you begin all your lawn and garden preparation this season. Professional, preventive maintenance can minimize the likelihood of unanticipated repairs all spring long!

Invest in a Professional Irrigation System

For more information on how to protect, improve and enhance your lawn, contact us at Summer Rain Sprinklers. From irrigation systems to electrical repair and emergency servicing, we’re happy to help you find a solution that fits your unique home and budget.