Suburban house prepared for fall with leaves falling around

How to Prepare Your Yard for Fall

As you prepare your home for the fall season, don’t forget to turn your attention outdoors. Your yard takes the brunt of the summer heat, and it needs to be well-tended before the temperature dips and the trees begin to lose their leaves.

These four tips will help you take the necessary steps to ensure your lawn is looking its best and ready to embrace fall.

Invest in Fertilizer
Late summer and early autumn are the best times to plant bulbs. Even if you aren’t a gardener, some fertilizer can help your lawn recover from the intense heat and sun exposure and grow back lush, green and healthy.

Use Leaves to Your Advantage
Leaves that fall onto your lawn can become excellent “food” for your soil. Shred them and apply a thin layer across your yard. They will compost and turn into rich nutrients that promote plant growth and healthy grass.

Remove Old Plants and Weeds
If you have any dying plants, overgrown shrubs or intrusive trees in your yard, now is the time to tend to them. Thoroughly mow your lawn and follow up with a weedwacker. Then, trim your shrubbery and throw away any sticks or dead flowers or other summer plants that you don’t expect to regrow.

Know Your Zone
Check your soil’s pH balance online by locating your state on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Plant Hardiness Zones Map. Understanding your zone’s climate and soil changes will help you choose the best fertilizer for your lawn and tend to it properly.

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