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How to Stay Warm for Less

When the temperatures begin to drop outside, a homeowner’s first instinct is to turn on their heater. And while this is usually the best way to stay warm and comfortable, it can also increase an energy bill to new heights. However, there are a few simple solutions to staying nice and toasty for a fraction of the cost. Here’s how:

Tips for Staying Warm on a Budget

Open the Blinds

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to warm up your home is to open your window treatments during the day! Especially if the windows are facing towards the direction of the sun’s rays, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of “free” warmth.

Think of it as a greenhouse: When sunshine pools into your home through each pane of glass, it will help increase the temperature. And, don’t underestimate the psychological benefits: A sunny room makes for a sunny mood.

Wear Layers

Do you have a favorite sweater, hoodie, pair of fuzzy socks, or all of the above? If so, now is the perfect time to bring them out of hibernation! While it might feel unnecessary to bundle up indoors, it’s an essential part of the equation.

By wearing layers, you’ll help your body maintain a consistent temperature, which will help keep you warm — even when your home feels like the inside of an igloo.

Turn on Your Ceiling Fan

While this might seem like it defeats the purpose of keeping your home warm, a ceiling fan is much more helpful than you think! Typically during the summertime, this fixture will spin in a counterclockwise direction drawing warm air up to help cool your home. In the wintertime, you’ll want to switch to a clockwise motion.

When the heat is on, the fan (set on low) will help push warm air down, keeping a room as toasty as can be — all without adjusting your thermostat, keeping your energy usage to a minimum.

Speaking of Ceiling Fans, If You Need One Installed, We Can Help!

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