Man mowing lawn to show a smiley face consisting of two bushes

Lawn Care Tips For a Healthy Lawn (and Wallet)

Source: Mansfield Service

Water at night

Setting your timer to turn on sprinklers at night time is one of the best ways to ensure that you use water efficiently. Less light and cooler temperatures help prevent water from evaporating and therefore more is absorbed by your lawn!

Observe the 3” rule

What is a healthy length for your grass to be at? You guessed it, 3 inches!

At 3”, grass has more surface area for photosynthesis to occur, which results in a stronger root system. This helps you save on weed killer as strong rood systems prohibit weed growth.


This fancy word simply means “planting things native to your area.” One of the numerous benefits of xeriscaping is that they are low maintenance, saving you from spending money on specialized care.