More Life, Less Cost – Choose the Right Lights

If you used old lights this Holiday season, you may be paying for it now on your energy bill. However, there is still time to be energy efficient with your landscape lighting and to be ready for next year’s Holiday season. Here are a few steps to consider to being more energy efficient with your lighting:

Holiday Lights

If you were using old string lights this Holiday season, don’t pack them up yet! Instead, recycle them and get new, energy-efficient LED string lights. Several companies have programs where they will provide you with a coupon for LED lights if you recycle your old lights. Check out this one.

Don’t wait until the next Holiday season to get LED lights. Now that the Holiday season is over, manufacturers are reducing their prices, which is a great opportunity for you to save.

Besides being an energy-efficient choice, LED lights will also last you longer and are safer than old string lights.

Landscape Lighting

If you are not yet using LED lights for the outside, now is a great time to replace your bulbs. The long winter nights require for your landscape lights to remain on longer, which increases your energy bill. By replacing your bulbs to LED alternatives now, you can save throughout the winter.

Keep in mind that changing your landscape lighting bulbs can be tricky and not all bulbs will fit all fixtures. Therefore, we strongly recommend you give us a call so that our professionals can help ensure that the right bulbs are being installed. This can help prevent any dangerous situations like electrocution or electric fires. Give us call at 203-629-8050.

Indoor Lighting

Traditional incandescent light bulbs drain a significant amount of energy. Many homeowners that are used to their soft light protest against going to more energy-efficient compact fluorescent lights (CFL’s) and LED’s. However, you can save anywhere from 25% to 80% on your energy bill by making the switch.

With their popularity growing, these energy-efficient alternatives have various shades to them, including soft glow. This way you can enjoy lower energy bills without giving up the atmosphere you are used to.