Garden lights light up lawn of resort

Outdoor Lighting Secrets

Let’s face it: you put a lot of money into designing the perfect house. But when day turns to night, no one can see the beauty. That is, unless you invest in a little outdoor lighting! Outdoor lighting can either be really simple or really complicated – we light to think it’s simple. That’s just because we have a few designer tricks up our sleeves to share with you:

Mimick Moonlight

When the full moon fails to shine on a clear fall night, don’t let that ruin your outdoor features. Here are a few techniques outdoor lighting designers use to create beautiful shadows and highlights:

Highlight trees by illuminating from below

Have a focus on your entryway

Stick with warm white lights to showcase your home

Secure Your Property

Pathway lighting can help eliminate injury and other hazards. You can also set up motion-detecting lights mounted near the garage to provide illumination when intruders come close to your home. It will also highlight any shadows passing by.

Switch to LEDs

LEDs are the best of today’s lighting options. Not only because they last long but also because they save you money on electricity. LEDs cost only about 25% more to install on average, but they will save approximately 75% on your electricity bill. Did we also mention they come with a 15 year warranty?

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