Abandoned water sprinkler in dry dead grass

Should You Water Your Lawn In Winter?

With winter on the horizon, many novice gardeners wonder whether or not watering the lawn becomes necessary. It’s hard to navigate your way around the yard when it’s snowing, but when spring blooms again, you’ll sure want your grass to be green as it was last year. So is
watering the grass in colder weather a must?

The root of the problem

In order to answer the question, we must first understand roots. Even if your grass is dormant, the roots still use water to stay hydrated throughout the winter. But through droughts, even in winter, roots can dry up and sometimes tie. While the grass might look normal, looks can be deceiving. While the rain helps, you should consider watering it periodically – especially when the ground is cold and dry.

Timing is of the essence

Knowing whether or not to water your plants is one thing – knowing when to is another. Watering your lawn before low temps arrive can protect it from frost damage. Water strengthens its ability to fight damage and survive the long winter. That being said, water about a day or two before the cold temperatures arrive to give moisture time to soak into the roots.

Knowing when it’s enough

How much water should you feed your lawn? In the thick of summer, your grass needs at leats 1 to 2 inches each week. But when the cold weather sets in, about half that amount is needed. Chances are you’ll be watering your lawn as much as 1 inch per week.

Watering the lawn is the first step to taking care of your lawn. The second is winterizing it. During winterization, our team drains your system to ensure that no water remains in the pipes. If this service is not performed properly, any water left over in the sprinkler system could freeze and burst the pipes, which can be costly to repair. If you’re ready to winterize your yard, give us a call today at 203-629-8050 or visit us on the web.