The Benefits of Automated Irrigation Systems

Many home owners are under the wrong impression that using the hose “like their father did” to water the lawn is more cost efficient than installing an automated irrigation system. On the contrary, installing automated irrigation systems in CT is an effective way to reduce your water costs, prevent uneven watering and keep your lawn healthier. Additionally, installing an efficient irrigation system can also increase the value of your property and save you time.These are the top 3 problems solved by installing an automated irrigation system:

Lower your water bill

When you have your automated irrigation / sprinkler system installed by a professional, you ensure that:

  • Water is distributed efficiently through the nozzles.
  • Only areas that need water, receive it. (Your sidewalk does not need watering)
  • Your lawn is watered during the ideal times by installing a timer. For instance, watering early in the morning prevents much of the evaporation and distribution by air.

All of the above adds to significant savings on your water bill over the years.

Prevents uneven watering

When we install irrigation systems, we spend a good amount of time planning the layout so that the radius of each nozzle distributes the water where it needs to go and does so evenly, preventing over or under-watering. While designing such a layout, we take into account any slopes, along with other factors, which may cause water to flow and not get properly absorbed into the soil.

While it is possible to achieve even watering with a hose, it is time consuming and not as reliable as a programmed sprinkler.

Healthy lawn

Like most ailments, prevention is much less costly than the cure. If you water and care for your lawn properly, you are much less likely to have to spend on replacing it or to bring it back to life. When using a hose to water your lawn, you risk the chance of uneven watering as described above. Besides causing your water to be used inefficiently, it also can case the soil to not retain nutrients, and therefore wither. A professionally-installed sprinkler system can help ensure that your soil and thus your lawn continue to be healthy.

Additional benefits

In addition to reducing the cost of your water bills and keeping your lawn healthy, the right automated irrigation system can help increase the value of your home, as well as save you time. Most new home buyers today are expecting a home with amenities like the irrigation system. They are not looking to spend 2 – 5 hours a week watering their home with a hose, and that is most likely the time you would like to get back into your life as well!

The benefits listed above can be achieved by having a professional install your irrigation system. If you venture to do it with a company that is not experienced in this, you may miss out on these benefits and end up paying more in the long run. To get a quote today, please call us at 203-629-8050.