Neighbouring lawns in poor condition. Weeds.

Tips for Avoiding Unlucky Lawn Issues

No matter how superstitious you are, this Friday the 13th isn’t going to ruin your day — or your lawn. Luckily there are plenty of tools and tips for homeowners to consider to make sure your yard stays green and healthy all season long. 

All you need to do is follow our recommendations for avoiding unlucky lawn issues, and you’ll be good to go! 

Mow at the Correct Height

To achieve a more lush and green lawn, it’s important to mow at the right height. That means cutting no shorter than 2-3 inches for most grasses. If you cut any shorter than that, you risk damaging the blades of grass and leaving your yard susceptible to disease. Remember to adjust your mower before starting! 

Remember to Fertilize

Fertilizing your lawn is essential for keeping the grass healthy and green. However, it’s easy to overdo this step — too much fertilizer can burn your yard. Use caution, and pay attention to how much fertilizer you apply. 

Aerate Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn improves drainage and prevents compaction. This, in turn, allows air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass more efficiently. Aerating is especially critical if you live in an area with clay soil. 

Water Deeply and Regularly

Deep, routine watering is better for your lawn than shallow, sporadic watering. In fact, watering deeply allows the roots of your grass to grow further into the soil, making them much stronger and more drought-resistant. 

And what better way to ensure your yard is getting an appropriate amount of water than with our irrigation systems! The team at Summer Rain Sprinklers offers the best sprinkler systems made to adjust to your needs and lawn layout. 

Invest in a Professional Irrigation System

For more information on protecting, improving, and enhancing your lawn, contact us at Summer Rain Sprinklers. We’re happy to help you find a solution that fits your unique home and budget, from irrigation systems to electrical repair and emergency servicing.