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Wells & Filtration

Summer Rain Brings you “All Things Water.”

Our Well, Pump and Filtration Division ensures our clients have safe water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and playing.

Wells & Filtration
End-to-end Well Services
  • Drilling of new and existing wells
  • Hydrofracturing to increase the flow of water into the well
  • Submersible pump (pushes water to the surface) and jet pump (pulls water to the surface) installation or upgrade
  • Alternative source water pumps
  • Pressure and storage tanks; constant pressure systems
Water Filtration Systems

City water or well water, our filtration systems ensure your drinking water is safe and tastes great. Options include:

  • Water softeners to remove minerals
  • Neutralizers to balance acidity and prevent damage to pipes and water-based appliances
  • Super-systems, chlorination, and de-chlorination to handle the toughest water
  • Alternative source water pumps
  • Ultraviolet lights (to kill microorganisms in water without the use of chemicals)
Water Pressure Systems

Enjoy your showers to their fullest, clean dishes with ease and keep your landscaping looking it’s best with optimal water pressure. Consider a:

  • Booster system for both city and well water to increase water pressure to all levels of your home or office
  • Variable speed constant pressure system to provide steady pressure while saving energy
Water System Maintenance

Keep your system operating at its peak. Call on Summer Rain to:

  • Deliver all required chemicals at appropriate intervals (chlorine, salt, potassium, and more)
  • Test your water for excess chemicals, minerals, radon, arsenic, uranium, and harmful bacteria
  • Check your well’s flow rate and operation, recommend improvements


Wells & Filtration

What if I have a well?

Summer Rain has extensive experience with well management and understands all aspects of water pressure, gallons per minute and critical design parameters. We have a close relationship with well contractors in the area.

Do you drill wells?

Yes, we can drill new wells or drill existing wells deeper.

Do you hydrofrac wells?

Yes, we can hydrofrac wells and test the well production.

Do you test water quality?

Yes, we can test your well or city water for mineral content, potability, chemicals, radon etc. We offer a wide range of water testing.

Do you install water filtration?

Yes, we can install and service a wide range of water filtration such as water softeners, radon systems, RO systems, iron filters and many other types of filtration. We offer filtration service that can suit your needs including delivery of products.

Do you offer emergency services?

Yes, we are available to help with any emergency that may occur.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed with the state and insured.

Our Wells & Filtration Experts

Steve Sporbeck
Steve Sporbeck

Well, Pump & Filtration Manager

Austin Jordano
Austin Jordano

Filtration Specialist

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