Blue tinted holiday rope lights

What are the Benefits of LED Holiday Lights?

‘Tis the season to get into the holiday spirit! And in true festive fashion, many homeowners will be decking the halls before the big day arrives! However, if you find that you’ve been using incandescent lights instead of LED lights, here are some reasons why you should make the switch this year!


Why Switch to LED Lights?


Won’t Break

Remember the days when you would package your holiday lights gently, all in an effort to avoid a cracked bulb? And even if you bubble-wrapped your strands, you’d still find a broken bulb? Well, those days are over — thanks to light-emitting diode (LED) technology! LED bulbs are made from plastic, and while they should be stored with the utmost care (just like anything else), you won’t have to worry about finding broken bulbs next year!

Energy Efficient

Let’s cut to the chase: Incandescent bulbs are not energy efficient. That’s why they tend to get hot to the touch when they have been on for an extended period of time. However, LED lights use about 75 percent less energy — which keeps them cool, making them the ideal lighting choice on trees, bushes, and other foliage!

Longer Lifespan

It’s frustrating, to say the least, when you have to replace your holiday lights year after year. However, while this is a common issue with incandescent lights, LED lights last much longer. So, you’ll find yourself using LED strands for many years, rather than just one holiday season.

Looking for Some Professional Holiday Lighting Assistance?

If you still need help with your home’s electrical needs this holiday season, contact the experts at Summer Rain Lighting Systems. Not only will our team help you find the perfect design, but we can also provide lighting installations.