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Yard Tips for a Happy Halloween

The Halloween season is upon us! From spooky decorations to treats galore, it’s no wonder this holiday reigns supreme as one of the most popular in the country. However, many homeowners fail to consider the importance of protecting their lawn during this holiday season. Your yard can be sensitive; some scary ornaments or the footsteps of trick-or-treaters can do more harm than you may realize.

The team at Summer Rain Sprinklers is here to break down all the yard tips you should keep in mind this Halloween season.

Be Careful With Decoration Placement

It’s not good for your lawn or flowers to stick decorations all over. A lot of damage can be done to the ground, especially from items you need to poke into the dirt. Be aware of which parts of your lawn are the most sensitive, and consider alternatives like hanging décor off your trees and keeping signs by your front door.

Keep Everything Organized

To make sure both you and your trick-or-treaters have a safe Halloween experience, keep your ornaments organized on your lawn. The more cluttered everything is, the more likely someone could get hurt. Also, if you have any decorations that need to be plugged in to illuminate at night, it’s important to keep wires and strings off to the side where no one can trip on them.

Create a Clear Path

If you don’t want trick-or-treaters to walk all over your lawn, create an obvious path using the right outdoor lighting. Having good lighting is the best way to direct the little ones away from the grass. Make sure the path is clear and wide enough for groups of goblins to come and go safely at the same time.

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