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5 Ways To Get Your Yard Ready For Spring

The long, cold winter weather will soon be behind us. Leaving in its trail a yard begging for a little attention and TLC. If you want your lawn to come back fuller and greener than ever, you’ll have to prep it for the spring season.

5 Ways To Get Your Yard Ready For Spring

1. Get out your rake or air blower and remove all the fallen leaves, branches, dead grass, and any other debris you find along the way.

2. Apply fertilizer, which feeds your grass, and pre-emergent, which is an herbicide used to prevent crabgrass. Bonus: This helps manage your weeds all year long, not just in the spring.

3. Has your lawn been thinned out by dry weather, wear-and-tear, insect pests, or improper mowing? Adding grass seed can help remedy all of these issues.

4. This year is the year of water conservation! Be water-conscious and make sure you’re sticking to a schedule. Typically you want to water less in the spring and more in the heat of the summer.

5. Before you whip out your lawn mower and other lawn care and gardening tools, check your equipment first. If necessary, give your appliances a quick tune-up yourself.

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