Lawn Care 101: A Seasonal Guide

Lawn Care 101: A Seasonal Guide

One of the best parts about summer is finally being able to get outside and enjoy a nice day. But, what if your lawn is in poor condition? With how short this season can be, it might not feel worth putting your attention towards. However, lawn care should be a year-round endeavor! The following guide will help you get your lawn in tip-top shape so that it can thrive season after season.


Summer is the perfect time to take care of your lawn, especially when the days get hotter! The first thing you should do when it’s warm outside is fertilize your grass with organic fertilizer or compost. This will ensure that your plants have everything they need to thrive even during the intense heat. Because weeds are much more likely to grow in warmer weather, you will need to apply weed killer or herbicide regularly if you want to keep your yard clean. And, one of the most critical steps for summer lawn care is regular watering; routine watering is essential to keep grass alive.


Surprisingly, it’s essential to cut down a bit on watering in autumn. The leaves falling from trees impact water absorption rates in the soil below them; therefore, reducing or eliminating watering will keep your lawn green and healthy until springtime, when it needs extra care again. This doesn’t mean that your lawn won’t need any water at all– you can just cut down on the frequency.


First off, remember to remove leaves and other debris from your yard. This can prevent frost heaves that happen when the snow melts in the springtime. Second, don’t use fertilizer or weed killer in late fall or early winter as this could create dormant weeds that sprout up later on in the year. And finally, water when you can to keep your grass nice and healthy.


Spring is a season of renewal and growth, and this includes your lawn. This season is one for maintenance, including cleaning up debris and leaves or aerating your property, which will help remove dead grass and weeds from the soil. Not only that, but you’ll have to start increasing how often you water your lawn once temperatures begin to rise.

Invest in a Professional Irrigation System All Year Long

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